After a 20-year career working in large multinationals in the US and South East Asia, Louise realized that she enjoyed sharing memorable culinary experiences more than sharing marketing team strategies.

An avid home cook, she has embarked on a new path to give you a taste of the world’s flavors packaged as convenient snacks. Jia-Yo Snax is the culmination of Louise’s passion for healthy, great tasting food and her culinary expertise honed through years of exploration in her kitchen. With a focus on healthy ingredients that taste great, Jia-Yo Snax proves that you can have it all. 


Snacking is often associated with indulgence and decadence. But why can’t we have snacks that are Healthy, Tasty, and Fun? At Jia-Yo Snax, we believe YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

We offer snacks using wholesome, high quality ingredients that are minimally processed with low sugar and refined carbohydrates. We search the world to bring you a variety of new and tasty snack choices, so you will be delighted by how good healthy snacks can taste. 

So the next time you have the cravings and need a fun pick-me-up, remember to Jia-Yo with us! 


Thank you for opening my eyes (and mouth) to snacks that are not only packed full of the wholesome good stuff that my body needs, but also taste amazing! I can vouch for just how versatile these delicious treats are as well, having enjoyed them on numerous occasions including as post-gym fillers, children's party nibbles and mid-afternoon craving cures. Bye bye potato chips, Hello Sunshine Crackers! ~ Amrita

Love the Quinola as topping for my morning oatmeal or afternoon yoghurt! It gives it the extra nutty nutritious crunchiness!! ~ Anonymous

I tried Jia-Yo‘s Quinola and the roasted nutty taste is delicious!  The perfect nutritious snack for me and my family when we need a pick me up. ~ Anonymous